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Sound familiar? It's a special occasion...holiday or birthday and someone says, "Let's make Aunt Janet's cake." or "We should make granddad's casserole." These statements are followed up by, "Does anyone have the recipe?" Then you have to text three people and call two more people to try to get the recipe. But, unfortunately, in some cases, a loved one has passed on and the recipe was never written.

There is history in a family recipe even if it was snatched from a box and tweaked over time. Something basic and void of meaning, over time became something extraordinary and meaningful and is now intertwined into the fabric of the family.

Preserving recipes is priceless and something that you and your family members over the generations will cherish. Want to learn more about how to preserve your family recipes? Want to grab all of those recipes stuffed in books or tucked in drawers around your house and have them preserved? Email me!