Hey…thanks for visiting! My name is Tenja, I’m a self taught baker and my connection to the power of food started 15 years ago. At the time I was in graduate school, and we just welcomed to the family our second son. Between grad school and the boys, I was able to work, but not full time so my husband often times was the sole provider. Cooking and baking for me became not only my way of showing love, but it became a way of creating and experiencing food from places and restaurants that we weren’t able to visit. Over the years, I began to realize that my gift is the gift of communicating with people, seeing and discovering the connections between their story, the human story and the power of food. And so, folk & palate was born.

folk & palate is a platform where I curate the connections between the human story and the power of food. You don’t have to be food enthusiasts to find common ground at f&p. Here, I’m doing things a bit different! You won’t find food reviews, and I’m not hopping from city to city in search of the newest, trendiest restaurant or local dive. There are plenty of amazingly talented people out there doing that work. At f&p, I’m curating the stories behind the food, the people, the history, the ancestry…the connections, because truly, without the stories, food is nothing more than nourishment. Look, food will not rid the world of it’s problems, but just ride with me and I will show you that it is a much more powerful medium than most give it credit, and maybe, just maybe, it will make the world a bit of a better place for us all.

Tenja Young, founder & principal